Carusos Cramps Away 30 Tablets


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Caruso's Cramps Away is a high potency formula developed to promote body and muscle relaxation, providing relief from muscle tension, relieving leg cramps and the additional anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions help to reduce mild joint pain and swelling. Caruso's Cramps Away contains a special blend of Magnesium, Vitamins B6 and D3, the Bioflavonoid Rutin, and the herbs White willow and Grape seed to target numerous aspects of overall muscle health. Caruso’s Cramps Away Health Indications: Reduce muscular cramps and mild spasms or twitches Decrease leg cramps Promotes muscle relaxation and reduces muscle tension and stiffness Supports healthy nerve conduction and neurotransmission Analgesic effects, relieving pain Anti-inflammatory actions, reducing inflammation Antioxidant abilities reducing free radical formation and damage