Oriental Botanicals Phytogesic 60 Tablets


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Oriental Botanicals Phytogesic contains the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory herbs willow bark and boswellia. Willow bark is traditionally used to relieve symptoms of mild arthritis, mild joint pain, muscle aches and headaches in Western herbal medicine. Features and benefits: Willow bark and boswellia for pain and inflammation Willow bark to provide relief for mild arthritis symptoms, mild joint pain, muscle aches, headaches and helps reduce the occurrence of the occasional episode of symptoms of gout, as used traditionally in Western herbal medicine Fang feng, which is traditionally used in Chinese medicine for its pain-relieving and antispasmodic actions for mild joint soreness and inflammation, mild muscle spasms, and mild migraines and headaches Plus the Chinese herbs fang feng, eucommia, white atractylodes, acanthopanax, large-leaf gentian and hairy angelica