Vera Wang Signature for Men 100ml


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Vera Wang Signature for men is an irresistible fragrance that becomes the signature of the man who wears it. Captivating and unforgettable, it deepens a woman's desire as the fragrance becomes intimately intertwined with her thoughts of him. The scent becomes his familiar embrace, wrapping her in comfort and assurance. Created for men who are confident, sophisticated and sexy in a subtle, intelligent way. The Aftershave begins with an unanticipated burst of freshness shaped by green mandarin leaf and crisp yuzu zest. Building character and deepness the fragrance is then covered with the enveloping embrace of nutmeg, leather and anise and finished with a smooth blend of sandalwood and warm tobacco. Top notes: Green leaves and yuzu Heart notes: Nutmeg, leather notes and anis Base notes: Sandalwood and tobacco