Macleans Little Teeth Kids Toothpaste 63g


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Macleans Little Teeth Kids Toothpaste helps children's teeth grow up strong. Baby teeth are cute but they are also vulnerable, so as your child's first little tooth pops through, let the brushing begin, because good tooth-brushing habits can’t happen soon enough. Like grown-up teeth, baby teeth need to be brushed at least twice a day to keep them strong and healthy. However the enamel in baby teeth is 50% thinner than that of grown-ups and more susceptible to attack. As your child gets older, their diet may change to include more sugars from food, drinks and sweets that are then converted by plaque into acid, one of the key causes of cavities. Macleans Little Teeth Kids Toothpaste provides special care through Sugar Acid Protection* to strengthen and actively defend little teeth against cavity-causing sugars. They've also got a child friendly taste. Macleans Little Teeth Kids Toothpaste is designed by dental experts and suitable for children 4-6 years. The three-striped triple protection formula provides cavity protection for your child's teeth to help ensure their adult teeth come through healthy and strong.