Oriental Botanicals SinuClear 30 Capsules


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Oriental Botanicals SinuClear combines herbs traditionally used in Chinese medicine, including xanthium to ease sinusitis symptoms including sinus pain, nasal congestion and a runny nose, and white angelica to unblock the nasal cavity and relieve sinus pain. Features and benefits: Oriental Botanicals SinuClear features xanthium to ease symptoms of sinusitis such as sinus pain and a blocked and runny nose, based on its traditional use in Chinese medicine Xanthium is also traditionally used to decrease excess nasal mucus and to relieve post-nasal drip in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) In Chinese medicine, white angelica is traditionally taken to relieve sinusitis symptoms such as sinus congestion White angelica is also traditionally taken in TCM to unblock the nasal passages and relieve sinus pain Oriental Botanicals SinuClear is also formulated with the Chinese herbs magnolia flower, Asian wild mint and houttuynia